Military Realty of Kings Bay

115 Kings Bay Rd, Suite E
Kingsland, GA 31548

Office: (912) 882-4226
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Move-out Inspection List

AIR VENTS – Please ensure that:
• All A/C and heating vent covers are wiped clean and are free from dust and debris.
• A new A/C filter MUST be installed.

BATHROOMS – Please ensure that:
• Sinks, toilets, showers, bathtubs, and medicine cabinets have been cleaned and are free from dirt and debris. Shower doors and the track are clean and free of soap scum.
• Lime/Calcium deposits are removed as well as possible from toilets, faucets,
and showerheads.
• Grout on tile must be cleaned.

• Cabinets and hardware are thoroughly cleaned and free of food
particles and grease. Fingerprints are wiped from the doors.
• Countertops are clean.
• Closets have been cleaned. The doors are wiped free of dust and fingerprints and the tracks are free from debris.

EXTERIOR – Please ensure that:
• Exterior doors, siding, porches, window ledges and overhangs are dusted and swept.
• The eaves should be free from cobwebs. This applies to garages and storage sheds as well.

FLOORS AND CARPETS – Please ensure that:
• All tile floors are free of wax build up. All wood floors are cleaned with  a
suitable cleanser.
• Flooring under all the appliances have been cleaned and are free from  dirt and
debris. This requires you to move stove and fridge in order to clean.
• Carpets must be PROFESSIONALLY CLEANED, and a receipt must be
submitted at the inspection.

GROUNDS – Please ensure that:
• Sidewalks, patios, and the driveway are swept .
• The lawn is mowed and edged.
• The shrubs and trees are pruned.
• The grounds are free from debris and trash.

KEYS – Please ensure that:
• Garage door opener should be returned at the time of inspection.
• In accordance with your lease, there is a $100.00 charge to re-key locks. This charge is billed to your deposit after move-out. We ask that all keys are returned at move-out to avoid accumulation of bad keys, but return of keys does not negate this charge.

KITCHEN – Please ensure that:
• Range is free of grease and food. Oven racks are clean. New drip pans have been
installed. Under the range has been swept and mopped.
• Hood/Exhaust fan over the range is free of grease and dirt. The filter and the light
cover must be cleaned.
• Refrigerator is clean, in, out, and under. The icemaker should be turned off and ice bin emptied. The grill at the bottom of the refrigerator has been cleaned.
• The cabinets and drawers have been wiped clean in and out. No food crumbs  should be left.

LIGHT FIXTURES – Please ensure that:
• All globes have been removed and washed. All light bulbs are working. No  burned out bulbs.
• All ceiling fans are dusted, top and bottom of blades.

MISCELLANEOUS – Please ensure that:
• If the property is not ready when the property inspector arrives for the
inspection , the inspection will need to be rescheduled when the property has
been properly prepared. You will be responsible for  additional rent and the utilities must remain on.

PETS – Please ensure that:
• If you have a pet, in accordance with your lease, you must have the unit
sprayed for fleas and provide a receipt to the property inspector at the inspection.

SMOKE DETECTORS – Please ensure that:
• Test smoke detector to be sure they are operating properly.  (They should have
been tested monthly during occupancy). Replace batteries as necessary.

WALLS AND  CEILINGS – Please ensure that 
• Walls have been wiped down. They should be free of fingerprints,
grease, stains, stickers, and scuff marks. (Mr. clean Magic Erasers work GREAT!)
• Ledges over doors and windows have been washed/dusted. Trim throughout has  been dusted and wiped clean. Please remove all nails, picture hangers, and tacks from the walls.

WATER SOFTENER – Please ensure that:
• If there is a water softener, it must be filled to the correct level with salt.

WINDOWS – Please ensure that:
• All decals and adhesive have been removed and windows have been
washed. Window screens have been cleaned and placed in the window frame.
• All window tracks are cleaned. Window blinds and shades must be free of dirt/dust.